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Wedding hire in Australia

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Wedding hire

Depending on the type of wedding you are planning, wedding hire may take up a large amount of your budget. Most couples will need some sort of wedding hire, even if only for the groom’s suit, or the wedding car. If you are having a garden wedding, however, your wedding hire expenses will be considerably more as you will need to hire a marquee, tables and chairs, tableware and linen, and wedding decorations. You might even want to hire novelty wedding items such as a wishing well to collect your monetary gifts.

Before you begin to talk to wedding hire suppliers, make sure you have a good idea what you are looking for. Do some research on price and be willing to negotiate with on wedding hire to make sure you stick to your budget. Write a list of questions to ask each wedding hire supplier before you make a final decision.

Negotiating on wedding hire

Wedding hire is a big market in Australia, where the great weather makes outdoor weddings very popular. There will always be a number of companies competing to provide your wedding hire, and where there is competition there is usually room for negotiation. Here are some of the golden rules to bargaining for your wedding hire:

  • Don’t feel pressured into using the first wedding hire company you visit; talk to a few and compare prices and quality. Make it known that you are talking to various companies and that you will let them know within a certain timeframe if you are interested. Most wedding hire suppliers would rather offer you a discount or throw in extras at no cost than lose business to a competitor.
  • Research costs before you go and have an amount in mind that you are willing to pay for your wedding hire. Be willing to walk away if the company can’t come near to your budget, but if they can you should be prepared to place your order right away.
  • You are more likely to get a discount on wedding hire if you are hiring multiple items. It may seem cheaper to have your marquee from one wedding hire company, and the furniture from another, but if you order it all form the same one you may get a good price reduction. Be creative with your wedding bargaining; if you are hiring a caterer ask if they will also do your wedding cake for a reduced rate.

Cost is not the only consideration when you are choosing a wedding hire supplier; in fact it is not always a good idea to go for the cheapest option. You may have got a great deal on the hire of your wedding marquee, but if it doesn’t turn up on the day, or the interior isn’t the one you wanted, you might be left wishing you’d paid a little bit more. Here are a few questions to ask wedding hire companies to make sure you feel comfortable using them:

1. Do they only provide a standard wedding package or could they be flexible to accommodate your wedding hire requirements? Can they make suggestions regarding your wedding hire that would make your day just that little bit more special?

2. Will they be able to match any items you hire for your wedding to your overall colour scheme or theme?

3. Can you see the wedding hire items in advance, preferably set up for another wedding?

4. Will they be able to replace or fix wedding hire items during the day if anything gets lost or damaged, or breaks down?

5. Do they have insurance that covers loss or damage to wedding hire items, and will you have to pay an excess?

6. When will the wedding hire items be delivered, and if necessary will someone be there to set them up? Will they be collected after the wedding day, or do they need to be returned?

7. Can they provide contact details of a couple who have recently used them for wedding hire, as a reference?

Your wedding day is probably the most special day of your life, and you need to be confident that it will go without a hitch. Finding a wedding hire company that you are comfortable with, and that you feel can provide exactly the services you need should be a top priority. If you can then get a reduction on your wedding hire, or perhaps get a few extras thrown in for free, that is a bonus and certainly something you should ask for.

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